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Lawn Aeration Special

     Starter fertilizer


       Aeration only 

       plus sales tax 
   for lawns up to 3000sq ft.




Welcome to Busy Bee Lawn Service Inc

Family owned and operated since 1991.

Busy Bee Lawn Service Inc provides lawn and landscape maintenance
for its clients throughout Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater.

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We work hard to insure our clients are thoroughly pleased with our services. Our crew members are friendly and well trained.

Give us a try us with no risk. Contracts are avalible but not required. If you are not completely happy with our service you may cancel without any pressure or hassle.


                      Services availiable

                         Irrigation repairs
          Aeration - Moss control - Lawn fertilizer

              Lawn and Landscape Maintenance
              Sod Installation - Clean up Projects 
               Commercial Property Maintenance
                       Landscaping Projects
                              Slit Seeding


   Lawn aerations are availible March thru October 

           lawn aeration plug


Benefits of Lawn Aeration And Overseeding

Reduces Cost of Watering
  • Creates Thousands of Seed Germination Chambers
  • Alleviates Soil Compaction
  • Improves Fertilizer Availability to your Lawn 
  • Maximizes Air Exchange between Soil and Atmosphere
  • Breaks up moss
  • Aeration and overseeding at regular intervals promotes denser growth and ensures that you'll have a vibrant lawn.




 What is Lawn Dethatching?

  • Thatch is a dense mat of roots, stems and grass that accumulates between the soil and growing blades of grass. Dethatching is the process of mechanicaly removing this layer.
  • With thatch removed, air, water, nutrients, herbicides and pesticides can do their job. Turf becomes healthier and more resistant to insect damage and disease.
  • Dethatching removes damaged grass and moss.
  • Please note that dethatching can be a rather large project. Aeration is preferred whenever possible.

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Tumwater, Lacey , Olympia 


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