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They’re punctual. We certainly would use them again and we certainly do.

– Angie’s List Reviewer, Lacey, WA

We contacted Busy Bee to handle some aeration/overseeding and a general mow for our home in Lacey. They directed us to their website where it was very easy to submit a quote. For people who love self-service, this is a great model as you can do everything electronically.

Jeff was very patient as we added/subtracted services and you can approve the quote electronically as well. They came shortly after and sent me a note the evening prior letting me know they would be there the next day.

Lawn was moved to a good length and they had an aeration machine to get the job done. Overseeded afterwards. Our lawn was in pretty bad shape and with some watering we are seeing some growth come in. Thank you Jeff and Busy Bee!

– Angie’s List Reviewer, Lacey, WA

They mow every week and my grass has never looked so good. They aerated it, fertilized, seeded and stuff. It does look really good.

I think I paid them for two months so far and they are really good. I’ve talked to the owner of Busy Bee. He’s very pleasant and very efficient. I signed up for work from them online, which was really convenient. I just typed in a few things and the next thing I know they had a crew out here cleaning up my yard. It was really great. It didn’t take any of my time at all. I just typed in what I wanted done for the lawn and the next thing I knew, I got a g-mail back response. They told me the date they would start and they did.

They aerated the yard and everything, but they did it very rapidly. I have a small yard, but I want it to look nice. They did a good job and so far I’m very pleased with Busy Bee.

– Angie’s List Reviewer, Olympia, WA

Great service and fair price on lawn aeration and over seeding of my lawn. Grass came in great and looks real nice.

– W. Sampson, Olympia, WA via Google Reviews

Really nice work with year round service. Took my landscaping to a higher level. Fair prices.

– Jay, Lacey, WA via Google Reviews

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Don’t just take our word for it…

“I have used, and will use Busy Bee, for any gardening and lawn services I need as long as they are in business. I have known the owners, and many of the past and current employees, and a harder working more trustworthy group, you’ll not find.”

Jody H, Lacey, WA
via Google Reviews